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A Return To The Sea lyrics


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     A Return To The Sea
    >> Nightwish
        A star falls down from the darkened sky
    Where new worlds born and die
    Kingdon Animalia watches its approaching glow
    What it means is soon to be known

    Beneath the lovely birch honeymakers build their nest in peace
    On the savannah a lion lick a wounded gnu
    To honor this moment even the heavens cease
    Giant spiders learn how to swim
    Whith whales they forn a united kin

    Snakes say hello to the rats on the ground
    In the meadows play merrily the fox and the hound

    Trilobite & Anymalocharis
    The pray and the hunter
    Survival of the fittest
    Fall of Man

    Seadrops foam all empty human skulls
    Those on the shores of Atlantis
    Darwin's resurrection is witnessed
    By turtles he used to play with

    Healed and happy She oversees
    The Mother
    The tyrant's return to the sea
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